Did your 2020
event calendar get
wiped out?

We Can Help You Pivot,
Boost Your Profits and
Turn the Setback into an Advantage.

Was Your Event Calendar Devastated This Year?

If so, right now you care about just one thing: how you can quickly and effectively replace your missing income with digital events.

As it turns out, the difference between a typical digital event and a ridiculously irresistible digital event is like the difference between an old silent movie and IMAX, yet the costs are not much different.

This isn’t about just making the “pivot to digital”, but how you can make digital events your strategic advantage with faster deployment, greater flexibility, larger reach and impact, deeper engagement, less risk, higher profit and greater satisfaction for both you and your audience.

FACT: When strategically designed and implemented, digital events can produce similar sales conversions to physical events– and make far greater net income–with far less expense, far less risk and a much larger global reach. Those that discounted the effectiveness of digital events are now embracing the “new” way.

We can help.

We’ve been selling from the stage since 1986 and began producing digital events in 2009. We introduced hybrid digital experiences when we birthed LiveConferenceTV in 2017 and set a world record (longest running livestream marathon business success event–28 1/2 non-stop hours) when we produced OpportunityThon™ in April, 2020).

In short, we’re all about PRIDEProducing Ridiculously Irresistible Digital Events.

If you need to make the “Covid Pivot” and turn it into an overwhelming digital advantage, we can help. From strategy to training to implementation, we’ve got you covered.

If you're a speakerclick here to learn more about our new PRIDE Experience, a LIVE, 3-day transformational program that will give you the keys to create your own PRIDE-style events.

If you're an event producer or want us to produce your event, schedule a complimentary discovery call with us right now by clicking the button below.

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