Share PRIDE and You Can Win CASH!
The Next PRIDE is March 12-14!

You know how amazing PRIDE is. So let's get the word out and give others the same chance you had. PRIDE is now limited to only 250 registrations per event so we can keep it intimate with the same community experience that you know and love.

Here's the Details:


Yes, you read it right! Give your friends COMPLIMENTARY ACCESS to PRIDE (they must still cover the cost of the famous PRIDE SWAG, just $49 including USA domestic shipping).

When they attend the event, you'll earn the full $97 that they would have paid if they were on the webinar!  Yes, you read THAT right, too!

Then you'll EARN 50% of the VIP Upgrade, which means you'll get half of the $197-$297 VIP tuition (less card fees).


We're having weekly contests. Here's how you can win big…

Most PRIDE Enrollments (each week):

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
5th Place
6th Place
7th Place
8th Place
9th Place
10th Place

You Win $500
You Win $450
You Win $400
You Win $350
You Win $300
You Win $250
You Win $200
You Win $150
You Win $100
You Win $50

The Fine Print

You've got to refer at least two real people to qualify for the contest (let's keep this real!) and five real people to qualify for the top five positions. PLUS, you'll earn cash from your PRIDE enrollments when they attend the event! There is NO LIMIT to how much you can earn (well unless you sell-out the event!).

This contest is limited ONLY to previous PRIDE attendees (ie YOU). We are NOT opening it to big affiliates, etc. We want everyone to have a fair chance to win, and frankly, we believe that you're the best ambassador to bring us the perfect, right-fit audience.

We'll have some email copy that you can use to get you going (you'll probably want to use your own words to describe PRIDE!)

Get Started Now!

Since you've been to PRIDE already, we've already sent you your individual tracking link with details. Be sure to use it so we can properly credit you. If, for some reason you didn't receive it, please let Sharmaine know immediately–simply send her a message here right now!

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