Caleb Roberts Generates Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars on TikTok.

Want to Discover How He Does It...and Learn
How You Can Fill Your Events With TikTok?

Look over Caleb's shoulder as he creates a complete campaign to launch the next PRIDE Experience (Produce Ridiculously Irresistible Digital Events that Generate Wealth).

You'll learn the strategies, tips, tactics and profit hacks that you can put to use immediately in your own high-profit fill your events...sell your products...generate new clients and customers...and rapidly grow your business!

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April 12-14

Here's Some of What You'll Learn...

Here's How It Will Work For You...

Caleb and Ken are creating a case study training that will reveal the insider tactics, tips and strategies about how to use TikTok for business profit.

Caleb will be tutoring Ken, building out his entire TikTok funnel, from setting up his account, to optimizing it, monetizing it and generating viral content on it.

This is your chance to watch and learn exactly how it's done, so that you can do it for yourself...immediately.

Note that I said "watch" and learn. We're doing this as a case study as we create the course, so our intent is to create rapid results. Therefore we won't have time to stop and answer audience questions. We WILL offer a VIP package which will include Q&A sessions as well as recordings of the entire experience.

When completed, this program is expected to sell for $1,997-$2,997 (given the massive profitability that TikTok can offer you, the value of this training is a steal!).

Set Your Schedule to Rock It With TikTok:

Monday, April 12th from 7pm-1am Eastern USA (4pm-10pm Pacific)
Tuesday, April 13th from 7pm-1am Eastern USA (4pm-10pm Pacific)
Wednesday, April 14th from 10pm-2am Eastern USA (7pm-11pm Pacific)

Yes, these are 6-hour sessions for the first two days and 4-hours on the last day. We're going to get this DONE. If you want to get rapid results, that's what you do!

Caleb Charges His Clients $7,000 For This.

No kidding. And they have to fly to Phoenix to meet with him and his team, or clients pay for him to fly to their location, which adds thousands more to the process.

Bottom line: This is no "cheap internet training". This is the complete enchilada (to use a yummy food metaphor).

Since Ken is in Australia and there's no way for him to return if he flew to Phoenix (the borders are still closed), Caleb has agreed to do it all online...which is why YOU are getting this amazing opportunity right now.

Right now, you've got two "great deal" options:

1. Watch Passively "Over Our Shoulders"

You'll see exactly what we're doing. You'll hear Ken's questions and watch exactly how we're setting things up (so you can, too).

This is NOT an interactive experience and you will not be able to ask questions, as it will distract and derail the process. You will simply be an "observer" and will watch in a private Facebook Group, where you can post questions.

Tuition for this option is $197 and due to the nature of this event, it is not refundable.

2. Watch Passively "Over Our Shoulders"
and Debrief Daily.

Yes, you'll watch over our shoulders in a private Zoom meeting. At the end of each session, we'll open things up and you'll get to ask questions, get clarifications and talk strategy (as it relates to the daily content).

You'll enjoy access to our new TikTok Intensive Facebook Group as well.

Tuition for this VIP option is $297 and due to the nature of this event, it is not refundable.

Why Such a CRAZY Low Tuition?

It's simple. We want to get YOU out there quickly--creating massive success--so we can brag about you in case studies (yes, that means we'd also be promoting your business and brand in our marketing!).

Your participation also helps us develop the best training possible, with your questions and feedback.

So instead of paying up to $3,000 for this program in a few months, you can get in right now, with full VIP access for just $297.

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