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How to Build a Multi 6-Figure Speaking Business…Right Now…Without Ever Leaving Home…or Appearing on a Physical Stage


November 14, 2020 – Saturday
3:00 PM  Eastern (12:00 PM Pacific) USA
In Australia, it's November 15 – Sunday
7:00 AM  NSW, VIC

Limited Slots Available.
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Ken Krell, Digital Event Producer

Discover How to Leverage the Power of Digital Stages to Share Your Ideas,
Gain New Audiences or Grow Your Business!

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If you have a message to deliver, a product to sell, a book to promote…

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If you want to rapidly enter new local…or global…markets

If you want to reinvent yourself and turn this economic “situation” into the launchpad for a new, more satisfying career…(so many speakers, authors and coaches say this is their best year evernow it's YOUR turn!)

If you want to build your brand in a deeply intimate way…

If you want to get on the fast-track to client connection…

If you want to easily reach tens (even hundreds) of thousands of targeted buyers at ZERO cost…

If you want to leverage the influence of thought leaders…

If you want an effective alternative to Facebook ads…

If you want a steady stream of new leads, clients and joint venture partners…

If you finally want the freedom to run your business on your own terms (and generate more revenue with less stress)…

Then YES--This is DEFINITELY For You!

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